You can order upscale custom-made baby paintings.

Paint on aluminum composite plates

Aluminum composite plates are light and durable plates that are mainly used for signboards. 
The reason of its lightness and strength is its structure that foamed polyethylene resin gets stuck between thin aluminums.

Apply a coat of clear finish

I apply a coat of clear finish which is used for painting cars and motorcycles, and color and luster is maintained for a long time.
Please watch this video and imagine what the finished product will be like.

Comparison table

This is the table which compares upscale version and normal version.

upscale versionnormal version
aluminum composite plateillustration board
apply clear coatnot apply clear coat
A3 / A4only A4
only romanization & number notationromanization & number notation / transcription from naming book

Because of the difference in material and increasing the finishing process, the production time and the price of upscale version is doubled. 
Please choose upscale version or normal version according to your budget and preference.


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