Added new items to online shop

I added a lot of new items to my online shop.
For the first time, I tried using “pixivFACTORY” which is a online service of creating original products.

You can buy either “BASE” or “minne” except jigsaw puzzles (jigsaw puzzles are sold only on “BASE”).
I can send you items directly from the factory when you buy on “BASE”, so I can make the shipping cost more reasonable.
That’s why, I recommend buy on “BASE”.

P.S. (27 May, 2021)

I stopped selling these items.
Because anyone didn’t buy them.

I will open a solo exhibition once this pandemic is over.
That’s because I want to receive direct reactions of the visitors and know what they have impression about my works.
I will not buy original pictures until then, so I tried selling some products designed with my works. 
As a result, I realized that no one has interest in them.
But that was a fruitful challenge!

Going back to the starting point, I handle only custom-made baby paintings and customized iPhone cases on my online shop for a while.

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