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This is the time-lapse video that I take apart and clean my airbrush handpiece.

As I mentioned at description, I think that a top-notch craftsperson keeps his/her own tools clean and beautiful.
I mean, a top-notch chef sharpens his/her kitchen knife every day, a professional driver who has no accidents or traffic violations washes his/her car every time his/her ride, and a top-notch fielder polishes his/her gloves every day.
From this point of view I shouldn’t neglect care of my handpieces if I call myself an airbrush artist, so I take apart and clean them as part of training.
I used to do that every time I finished a work, but I broke and lost parts of the handpiece many times.
So I learned that overdoing was actually not good, and changed to once every three times.
The part of the handpiece that I break and lost the most is a “nozzle”.

A “nozzle” is a tip of handpiece.
A “nozzle” is less than 1 cm.

Such a small part is 2,000 yen-it is expensive, isn’t it?
The part that I break the second most is a “needle”.

A “needle” is about 24 cm.

A “needle” is 1,000 yen-also not reasonable price.
It is a sharp tip and soft, and very delicate part that is easy to break just by hitting a little, so I do not know how many “needle” s I broke and bought when I started airbrush painting.

A delicate touch is a characteristic of airbrush painting, so dirt on the handpiece has big effects on touch of painting.
Anyway, since the handpiece itself is a delicate tool, I take apart and clean it carefully and often.

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Posted a video on YouTube

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