Why don’t you leave a moment of a baby growing up so fast with “a painting like a picture”?
It is a built-to-order product, so one and only painting.
I highly recommend it as a gift which you can make a difference from others by giving.


  • Paint on an A4 sized illustration board.
  • The illustration board is 1.5 mm thick and you can decorate it without a picture frame.
  • Includes baby’s name and date of birth.

Optional Menu

Main menu

Hepburn romanization (used in passports) and number notation.

Optional menu

You can transfer baby’s name and date of birth from a naming book. There will be an extra charge of 300 yen.

What you need to provide

  • Image data of the baby’s face (basically OK which is a photo taken with a smartphone)
  • Baby’s name and date of birth
  • Image data of a naming book when you choose the optional menu.
  • Please send me by e-mail or post after I accept your order.
  • Please cover the shipping cost when you send by post.

Shipping Method

  • Pack by putting the painting between cardboard sheets.
  • Send it out by Letter Pack.

Please choose Letter Pack Plus when you want to receive it face-to-face, or Letter Pack Light when you want to put it the mailbox.




Main menu + Letter Pack Light


Main menu + Letter Pack Plus


Optional menu + Letter Pack Light


Optional menu + Letter Pack Plus

Please ensure to confirm the following information

  • I paint with a focus on face. So clothes and backgrounds will be simplified.
  • I send the painting out in about a week after receiving the required data.
  • Please pay in advance. I do not accept refunds for your personal circumstances.
  • When you do not pay within 5 days after your order, it will be canceled.
  • In the case that you order as a gift, I can send the painting out directly to the person who you give it .

Upscale version

You can choose the upscale version too.


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